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Name: Gilligan

Racing name: Bigyard Broham

DOB: Jul 27, 2011

Adopted: Sep 11, 2016

Likes: Interrupting whatever you are doing; frequent walks between his bed and the sofa.



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D.O.B.: March 25, 2012


Adopted: April 14, 2016


Likes: Sleeping, staring one into submission, treats, walks, other humans while on walks(links back to treats), slumber ball, car rides(leads to walks, meet & greets, other humans and of course treats)


Dislikes: Small dogs jumping up in his grill


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Name: Flash

Racing Name: PJ Bright Flash 

Date of Birth: January 16, 2013

Date of Adoption: April 16, 2016

Nicknames: Dyson, Buddy, Baby boy.

Likes: Rubs, walks, food, people,  other dogs, squeeky toys.  Car rides.  Going to the pet store.  MEET & GREETS.

Dislikes:  Waking him up.  When people don’t want to pet him.  HE LIKES EVERYTHING LOL.!


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Name: Merlin

Racing Name: Megamonster (trainers called him Otto)

Date of Birth: April 22, 2013

Date of Adoption: May 30, 2016

Nicknames: Merlin the Magnificent, Mermer, Fleabag, Licorice Dash (his My Little Pony name, since he is about the size of a MLP)

Likes: Zooming around the back yard trying to catch the birds and squirrels that taunt him, liver treats, walks, meeting new people, Romp & Roos, napping on the edge of his giant pillow, squeaky stuffed animals, peanut butter, cheese

Dislikes:  being woken suddenly, thunderstorms

Spice McIntyre

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Spice McIntyre

Name: Spice

Racing Name: RWC Saltnpepper

Date of Birth: October 1 2009

Date of Adoption: June 21 2013

Nicknames: Goose

Likes: Anything remotely connected to food, sleeping, car rides especially if they are to the barn, and her therapy dog visits.

Dislikes:  Squirrels in her yard, interupted naps, and people not realizing she is the princess.

Jack Oakes/Lake

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Jack Oakes/Lake

Name: Jack  Oakes/Lake

Racing Name: Jack never raced. He is a Spanish Greyhound

Date of Birth: Oct 19 2008

Date of Adoption: Feb 2013

Likes:  Walks in the Park, Loves personal attention from his master constant petting on his head. Get off the couch walks with GLOHW friends.