GLOHW works closely with greyhound adoption groups in the U.S. to find the right “forever home” for every greyhound that we bring into our organization.

New Developments

GLOHW is responding to a need to get more of these wonderful dogs a forever home. We have reached out to retired racers from Australian tracks as well. We have two new dogs to find a forever home for. We would like to introduce Pete and Herbie

G’Day everyone – meet Pete! (race name Midnight Pete).. Pete will be here this week and is looking for his forever home. He sounds delightful!

Pete is a playful, friendly, happy dog with a huge lust for life! He’s a big ball of fun, and just wants a home to share in the good times with. Pete is a big guy but don’t let his size fool you, he’s really just a big softy!

He loves to socialise and play with people, running around and showing off his goofy personality to anyone he meets. Pete loves interacting with people and wants to make sure you’re having as much fun as he is!

There is one thing that Pete loves more than playing with his human friends though and that is playing in water! Pete absolutely loves to dip his toes and have a splash in a paddling pool whenever he gets the chance!

Despite his big size and playful nature, Pete is already on the way to becoming a fantastic family pet! He is calm and curious on the led but very well behaved, he doesn’t let much faze him and never stresses over entering new environments or meeting new people- he’s a wonder dog!

He is also very good with small dogs. Pete recently met some smallies through a fence and after a quick hello he moved along all by himself without any encouragement- a true gentleman!

Pete would make a wonderful addition to almost any home but would be a particularly good fit in a home with older children who can handle his size but also his energy levels! Provide Pete with some water to play in he’ll always give you one of his big goofy smiles!

Pete is an incredibly loving, fun, and sweet dog and would make a wonderful forever friend. Don’t hesitate to take Pete into your home and heart today!

~ ~ ~

We also have Herbie available for adoption, he was posted a couple weeks ago – if you’ve been hanging back, step right up and adopt one of these cuties!

The family that planned to adopt Herbie has decided it’s not the right time – so he’s available for adoption mid-May.

Herbie’s Bio says he is a happy and energetic boy with a love for life. He comes with a happy (stumpy) tail at no extra charge, and it’s always wagging. Loves car rides, walks and playing.

Tomorrow is Herbie’s 3rd birthday, he would love share some of his happiness and zest for life with you! Don’t hesitate if your family is ready to adopt – he is a gorgeous special hound! You will find the adoption application on glohw.com.