By-Law 2

Full amendment revised Dec 28, 2009

WHEREAS, Greyhound Lovers of Hamilton-Wentworth is a non-profit organization founded for the preservation of greyhounds and provision of aid to greyhounds, and

WHEREAS, it is necessary to provide for the operation of the organization,

NOW THEREFORE, it is hereby enacted as follows:

1.1    A committee of not less than five members in good standing shall be approved by the directors, to review and approve applications by individuals for the adoption of one or more greyhounds.

1.2    The ARF committee shall be held accountable for their actions to the GLOHW executive.

1.3    The ARF committee shall ensure that all applications are completed correctly and shall conduct home visits to ensure a safe environment for any adopted greyhounds.

1.4    A minimum of two (2) committee members together shall conduct a home visitation.

1.5    All approvals are the responsibility of the ARF committee.

1.6    Notwithstanding 1.5, in the event that an application is in question the application shall not be denied until by a vote is held by the members of the ARF committee and a determination is agreed by majority within the committee.

2.1    This by-law shall come into force and take effect upon the date of its passing and enactment.


President                                Secretary
R. Cramp                                P. Cramp