1.0    The name of the non-profit organization is “Greyhound Lovers of Hamilton-Wentworth” which may hereinafter be referred to as GLOHW.

2.1    The purposes of GLOHW are:

2.1.1    To facilitate adoption and re-homing of ex-racing greyhounds and to place them into responsible loving homes as pets.

2.1.2    To provide help and support to greyhounds.

2.1.3    To raise public awareness of the needs of ex-racing greyhounds.

3.1    The president, past president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and one or more other persons shall be the directors of GLOHW.

3.2    Directors are to be elected at the annual meeting and shall assume their duties immediately following the close of that meeting. A majority vote of the members present shall constitute an election.

3.3    The directors shall retire from office at each annual meeting following the expiration of their term.

3.4    The members may, by special resolution, remove a director before the expiration of his/her term of office, and may elect a successor to complete the term of office.

4.1    In the event of termination or dissolution of GLOHW, funds and assets of GLOHW Remaining after the satisfaction of its debts and liabilities shall be given or transferred to such organization or organizations promoting the same purposes as GLOHW as may be determined by the directors of GLOHW at the time of winding up or dissolution. If effect cannot be given to the aforesaid provisions, then such funds shall be given or transferred to some other organization or organizations, provided however that such  organization referred to in this paragraph shall be a registered charity recognized by Revenue Canada Taxation as being qualified as such under the provisions of the Income Tax Act of Canada from time to time in effect.

5.1    The purpose of GLOHW shall be carried out without purpose of gain for its members, and any profits or other accretions to GLOHW shall be used for promoting its purposes.

This revised Constitution has been amended by the Board of Directors at a meeting held December 28, 2009 and is based on the original document ratified by unanimous vote of the founding members present at a meeting held 1 February 1998.