GLOHW is an organization of volunteers who are motivated by a love of all things greyhound.

To achieve the organizations goal of finding “forever homes” for retired racing greyhounds, GLOHW focuses on 3 main areas:

Public Relations (Outreach / Special Events)
Most people know very little about these incredible dogs, and the on-going need to find them loving “forever homes”. Therefore, GLOHW makes it a priority to “get out there and mingle” through Meet and Greets held at local pet supply stores, malls, schools and libraries. As well, GLOHW is a proud participant in special events such as the Hamilton Santa Claus Parade and other community happenings where the greyhounds are always a big hit! These events give people the opportunity to see and touch retired racers, and to ask questions about the dogs and the adoption process. You and your hound will have a great time, and meeting your dog may be what convinces someone to adopt a greyhound who needs a home!

Adoption / Rehoming / Rescue
GLOHW’s Adoption Committee is responsible for processing all adoption applications we receive. Because GLOHW believes that profiling is the best way to ensure a good fit between dog and adopter, volunteers give a considerable amount of time and effort to determine if a greyhound is the “right” breed for the applicant and if so, what personality and physical traits would increase the ease of the adoption. Members of the Adoption Committee meet on a regular basis, do home visits, liaise with our track contacts in the U.S., handle all adoption-related paperwork, answer questions and provide ongoing support to new and current adopters.

Between the track and their new adoptive homes, GLOHW greyhounds live in private foster homes. This is where they begin the process of adjusting to their retirement and become familiar with typical household experiences and learn about “house manners”. Each dog has been expertly selected for a specific adopter based on the family’s unique needs. While in foster care, the dog is further evaluated by the foster family (who has a history of greyhound experience) to ensure that the personality and traits of the dog is compatible with the family it is intended for. The fostering process helps ensure a good match between greyhound and adopter, eases the transition from track to retirement for the dog, and provides a wealth of helpful information to the adoptive family about their newest member. At GLOHW, we truly believe that the success of our adoption program is due in large part to our fostering process.

So, how can you help GLOHW support greyhound adoption? There are several options, some of which require long-term commitments and some that do not. You can:

For more information on any of these options, please contact glohw@glohw.com.