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Members and Friends – GLOHW’s annual membership meeting will be held in late October 2021. We are awaiting confirmation on a firm date and time from Ancaster Fairgrounds.

Meeting agenda will be determined at a future date and posted.

One task of our annual meeting is the election of officers for GLOHW’s Board.  If you are interested in a position on the Board, please contact Victoria Ingram (  All of our current Board members whose terms are expiring have agreed to stand for re-election.  (Hey! They are fun meetings!)  

  • April 2022

    24th ROMP AND ROO! at 4:00 pm. Ancaster Fairgrounds Horse

    May 2022

    21st Get off the couch walk, 11am Hutch’s on the beach

    • This may be moved ahead to the 14th due to Victoria Day weekend.
    • Please check prior to the 14th of May.
    • parking lot to the east side of Hutch’s on the Beach.
    • weather permitting.
      GLOHW will not be able to schedule R&R dates beyond April and up until November, due to a busy Ancaster schedule for the Horse arena. If someone has knowledge of another facility for holding this type of event, please email


    We are leaving the Covid information in the paragraph below, as is for the time being. We are subject to the same restrictions as the general public. At the moment, we do not require proof of vaccinations, a completed pre-screening questionnaire or the use of a face mask. The face masks are optional of course.

See all of you there!

<For those attending the Romp’n Roo, please be advised; The City of Hamilton requires that anyone attending an indoor event at a city owned building, need to complete a pre-screening questionnaire, wear a mask and show proof of their second vaccination.

You can click on the following link to reach the pre-screening questionnaire…

You can choose to submit it before attending the AGM/Romp’n Roo or you can scan a QR code on your smart phone when you arrive. The QR code will take you to the link shown above. Please fill in the form and submit it prior to partaking in the event. 

**The above CoVid protocol will be in affect at all future Romp’n Roos until the City of Hamilton indicates otherwise.**>